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rose petal rosaries

This fragrant rose petal bead and sterling silver rosary can be made from your own saved flowers to become a cherished memory forever.  Our special jewelry designs are created the same way, to become treasured heirlooms.

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A Petal in Time .... creating beautiful rose petal jewelry and rosary beads from your own floral memories.  A wedding bouquet, corsage, or memorial flowers can be used to create a scented piece of rose petal jewelry that will last a lifetime!

Handcrafted heirloom jewelry, rosaries and prayer beads made from your own special occasion or memorial flower petals ... a very personal service and keepsake.

Jewelry and Rosaries made from rose petals?  How is that possible?

There is a generations-old method for turning rose petals into fragrant beads .... beads that can be used to make your wedding, anniversary or birthday roses into lifelong memories to be treasured and passed down as heirlooms.  Memorial flowers sent to honor loved ones who have passed away can also be used to create a lasting memory of someone who was very precious in your life.  

Long crafted and sold in Europe, now you can order heirloom quality, sterling silver and rose petal jewelry or rosary beads handcrafted naturally in America from the petals of your own roses!  A Petal in Time is dedicated to helping you preserve floral memories in this very personal and artistic way.

These unusual pieces of jewelry and rosaries handcrafted by Sandra Mayhugh retain their lovely rose fragrance for many, many years when properly stored in a breathable paper box (provided with each purchase).  They will bring your special memories to life every time you use them!

While you may find some rose petal jewelry pieces or rosaries from other companies that come in colors, colored beads have no natural essence.  The scent they have is completely the result of additives.  I create only naturally processed simmered black beads, which are paired with sterling silver, creating a striking sophisticated contrast and lovely, delicate product.

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The Process

Trimming rose petals to make jewelry

Starting with your own roses (new or older dried flowers), I carefully inspect and trim each petal to begin preparing them for the bead-making process.

crushing rose petals to make rose petal  jewelry beads
cooking rose petals to make jewelry beads

Once the bead material has been mixed and brought to the right consistency, I carefully roll it into the proper size beads for the jewelry piece I am creating.

It might seem strange, but the next step is to cook the petals in an iron skillet, simmering them for several days.  The black iron causes natural blackening of the finished bead material.

Our rose petal beads are made of 90-95% rose petals.  We also have to mix in a small amount of natural, organic ingredients (my secret ingredients -- sorry!) to insure that the beads and scent last for many years. You’ll notice we don’t sell our floral beads in colors like some people do.  That’s because coloring agents, like polymer clay,  cover up the scent of the roses, leaving the beads with no natural scent. 

rolling rose petals to make beads for jewelry
drying beads made of rose petals

As the bead production comes to an end, one of the final steps is to dry the beads naturally for the necessary length of time to insure they stay firmly rolled.  To insure that the jewelry you order is made from your own rose petals, I create the beads for each customer’s pieces separately, and then dry them in their own frames as below, clearly marked with the customer’s name.  When dry, the beads are ready for me to use in creating  your very personal jewelry or rosary.


See Rose Petal Jewlery Styles

The Story of Rose Petal Beads

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